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Beers on tap

India Pale Ales

  • Greenbush "Anger" Black IPA ABV 7.6%    Roasted malt and agressive hops make for a perfect fall IPA.
  • Darkhorse "American Muscle" Double IPA ABV 13.5% "Hold on to your horses"  this is one serious beer.
  • Founders"Mosaic Promise" American IPA ABV 5.5%   Mosaic Hoppiness makes for a crisp yet full bodied IPA
  • Bell's Two Hearted IPA ABV 7%  Crisp, Grapefruit forward with floral piney aroma
  • Darkhorse Falconer's Flight ABV 6.5%   Earthy pine; citrus
  • Green Flash "La Freak" ABV: 9.2   Conversion of a Belgian Triple and American IPA                          
  • Dogfish 90 Minute ABV: 9% Brandied fruit cake with raisins and citrus
  • Founders Red's Rye IPA ABV 6.5%   Peppery;  hops and caramel

Pale Ales

  • New Holland "Hopivore" ABV 5.5%   American Pale Ale with a seasonal bite. 
  • New Holland "Carhartt Woodsman" ABV 4.4%   Bright Cascade hops blend with Oaky notes for one rugged beer. 
  • Left Hand Sawtooth Nitro ESB ABV: 5.3%  Smooth Extra Special Bitter
  • Arcadia Angler's Ale ABV: 5.4% Mellow session ale

Brown Ales

  • Dark Horse Boffo Brown ABV: 6.5%  Chocolatey decadence of malted milk balls.
  • Arbor Brewing Co. Hoptown Brown IPA ABV: 7.3% A Full flavered Hoppy Brown


  • St. Julian Gunga-Din Cider ABV: 5.2% Golden Delicious and Gala Apples
  • J.K Scrumpy's Hard Cider ABV: 5.5% Apple juice at its finest
  • Vandermill "Totally roasted" ABV: 6.8  Crisp cider with hint of Pecan and vanilla.
  • B. Nektar "Dude's Rug" ABV: 5.5% Cinnamon spiced cider

Lagers & K├Âlschs

  • Wolverine "Cucurbita Smile"  ABV: 9% Nutmeg, saigon cinnamon, pumpkin pie
  • Wolverine "Gulo Gulo" ABV: 7.1% Hoppy IPL with an in yo' face bite
  • New Holland Full Circle ABV: 4.9% Light, crisp and cool.
  • Arbor Brewing Co. "Euchre" Pilsner ABV: 5.5% Crisp dry full flavored Pilsner
  • Frankenmuth Traditional German Pilsner ABV 5.25%  The closest you can come to a classic German pilsner without leaving the state of Michigan


  • New Holland "One" Oatmeal Stout Well textured and rich roasted body are perfect on nitro. 
  • New Holland Dragon's Milk ABV 10% Bourbon barrel aged imperial stout with great vanilla notes
  • North Coast Old Rasputin ABV: 9% Chocolatey, Malty, Love
  • North Peak "Dubious" ABV: 5.3% Coffee, chocolate, and roasted malts

Fruit/Vegetable Beers

  • New Holland "Ichabod: ABV 5.5%   A spiced pumpkin Ale perfect for the fall.
  • Short's Soft Parade ABV: 7.5% Vibrant fruit note with malty twang



  • Jolly Pumpkin "Maricaibo" ABV 7.2% Sour American Brown Ale 
  • Jolly Pumpkin "La Roja" ABV: 7.2% Deep Amber with earthy carmel, spice, and fruit nuts
  • Jolly Pumpkin "Fuego del Otono" Sour Biere de Garde: medium bodied with earthy undertones.


  • Founders "Porter" ABV  6.5%      Roasted chocolate awsomeness....This beer is well respected and well worth it. 

Wheat Ales

  • Unibroue " Blanche de Chambly" ABV: 5% Citrus, crisp, and spicy with a bubbly finish
  • Avery "White Rascal" ABV 5.6%  Witbier with notes of clove
  • North Peak "Bally Hoo" Hefeweizen ABV: 5.6% Banana and cloves
  • Tapistry Hansel Hefeweizen ABV: 4.8%  Orange-y wheat-y goodness

Amber and Red Ales

  • Original Gravity Count Street Amber ABV 5.5% Toasted Malt aroma with a shot of piney hops

Out-Of-Style Ales

  • New Holland " El Mole Ocho" ABV  9.79%     Peppery chocolate coffe....a different kind of "yum"
  • Greenbush "Mulehead" Saison ABV 7.2%   Refreshing and smooth with undertones of clove and banana 
  • Oddside " Bean Flicker" Coffee Blonde ABV 4.5%  "This beer is a trip" light in body and color with a rich coffee flavor. 
  • Sierra Nevada Beer Camp "YonderBock" ABV: 5% Latin Island Flair for a traditional German style beer
  • Southern Tier "Harvest Ale" ABV: 6.4%  The taste of changing weather and the sowing of hops and barley
  • Bell's "Third Coast Old Ale" ABV: 10.2%  Caramel, Sweetness, Toffee, Toasted Nuts 
  • Unity Vibrations Bourbon Peaches ABV: 7% Bourbon, Peaches, and Kombucha
  • Stone Arrogant Bastard ABV 7.2% Hoppy, sweet and spicy

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